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Behind the Scenes

Inspired by the birth of their first child, Ella, Jacqui Webb and Paul Norden, survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings created a foundation to give back to children and young adults who have been involved in a traumatic event through funding and resources. 

On April 15, 2013 twin bombs denoted at the finish line of the beloved Boston Marathon, leaving Jacqui and Paul severely injured and resulting in the loss of Paul’s right leg above the knee.  The couple struggled over the years with having children as their lives and mindset were forever changed after that day.  In 2021, they welcomed their little girl and while concentrating on what they were going to lack as parents due to their disabilities, the birth of their daughter had the complete opposite effect after the community rallied around them once again.  

To honor the 10 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings and blend their "then and now lives" the two formed The Webb Norden Foundation, a charitable foundation for children and young adults who have been involved in a traumatic event. As trauma survivors and parents, this is their pledge to ensure they make a lifetime impact on this incredible community. 


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over 20 beneficiaries

3 states

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